Android App Instructions

1. Download Android App

  • Download the ZBand App to your Smartphone or tablet from Google Play

2. Pair the Zband and your Android device

  • Make sure to charge the ZBand fully before use
  • Turn on the ZBand by pressing the button on the band
  • The ZBand will vibrate to notify you that it is turned on
  • Then pair the android device with the ZBand
  • The password is 1234 or 0000

3. Connect the ZBand to the device

  • Open the ZBand app
  • When the App is open it will ask you to connect to the ZBand
  • Turn on the ZBand and then press the connect button on the App

4. Saving

  • When you set and save alarms or configure snooze or vibration settings on the App the ZBand will vibrate to confirm the functions were saved
  • There is a time limit of 90 seconds to set functions before ZBand disconnects (you can reconnect straight away if you wish)

5. Set functions

  • When the ZBand and the App are connected you can set alarm functions multiple alarms, snooze functions and vibration strength by using the 3 toggles on top of the screen
  • See the video on About Zband for more details

6. App disconnects from the device

  • Once the functions are set and saved the Smartphone does not need to be in contact for the ZBand to carry out its functions

7. Using the ZBand

  • When the ZBand vibrates to signify an alarm, press the button on the band once for snooze and hold down for 3 seconds to turn off the alarm

8. Battery life

  • The ZBand has a rechargeable battery and is charged by a micro USB charger (nearly all Android devices use a Micro USB charger)
  • On a 30 minute charge the ZBand will last approx 10 days of regular use
  • You must charge the band at least once every 3 months or the band will need to be replaced

9. Reset Option (If ever required)

  • If you press and hold the button while the green light is not flashing, after 10 seconds or so the band will brip brip brip brip tit tit tit at the start of that sequence you should let the button go before the brips stop
  • If you do not let the button go in time then the band will go into bootloader mode where it will not respond to button presses or be functional until the battery has completely drained and re-charged, it may take up to 8 days to drain the battery
  • If you do not charge the band at least once every 3 months or the band will need to be replaced